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ali gillum.



Growing up, lots of family life took place around our big wooden table that Dad had made. We would spend hours there; eating, chatting, cooking, baking, reading, playing games, gathering people. This is where my love of tables stems from. 


There is something magical about walking into a room where the table is laid - adorned with flowers, candles, and beautiful tableware - and you find your name amongst the place settings, and share food with those around the table. I have always loved hosting events, and designing and bringing tables to life - transforming occasions from logistical events into meaningful gatherings. 

I believe tables make the perfect space for the best gatherings. It's not about bigger budgets or planning team strategies; instead it is about taking the time to prepare something magical with great intentionality and purpose that facilitates connections. 

I am an event producer and tablescape designer seeking to create beautiful gatherings. I have had the gift of creating a wide range of events, from weddings and funerals, hen parties, birthday parties, christenings, to pop-up dinners, corporate retreats, charity fundraisers, and more, in England, Europe and the US. Whilst the majority of my events are table based, they're not constrained only to tables. 


I am London based, and you'll often find me chasing the sunrise or sunset, or pottering around the shops with a coffee in hand, before going home to cook up whatever treats I've found. I'll then lay the table, light the candles and welcome guests over to enjoy whatever I've managed to rustle up!

I would love to dream up and create your table with you!



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