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Tables At Home.

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Are you keen to   normal times, we work with companies to build company culture through table-based events. From executive team retreats in the South of France to business adventures in Norway to beautiful outdoor dining for groups closer to home at Spitalfields City Farm, we love coming up with creative ways to get your team around the table. Whether it's a one-off event with a specific purpose, or a series of fortnightly lunchtime speakers, we have a wide range of experience organising successful events that have created priceless moments for teams, and had a positive impact on their culture. 

We recognise that over this past year key aspects of company culture that can only be built through trips to the coffee maker or post work drinks have been lost. In our creative effort to combat this, we started making handmade cards to send out to team members, reminding them that they are appreciated and remain a valuable part of their workplace community. After all, everyone loves a bit of handwritten post. The message doesn't need to be long, and could even be a recipe idea or a Spotify playlist - we believe in quality over quantity. We don't ask for money, just a donation to a charity doing wonderful work. Simply let us know how many cards you would like along with your messages, your address so you can send them on to your team. 

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Lockdown projects aside, we are so excited to be returning to the table-based events that we enjoy so much. We love getting to be part of creating those spaces which enable intentional conversation and facilitate creativity away from the busyness of the daily to-do list. As restrictions ease, we will be focussing on working with companies and their teams, in line with government guidelines, to reunite around the table and celebrate an unforgettable regrouping process for your team. 

We calculate costs very simply based on how long it will take to create and
run your event. We can also accommodate to suit your budget. Please do get in touch so we can chat further. 
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