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Corporate Events.

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F rom business adventures in Norway to beautiful outdoor dining for groups closer to home at Spitalfields City Farm, I love to work with companies to build company culture through table-based events.  I really enjoy the challenge of coming up with creative ways to get your team around the table. 


I think there is an art to creating an environment where your team get to strengthen relationships in a way that feels natural, inclusive and fun. Seeking to steer away from it feeling forced team bonding, the goal is to create a space which enables intentional conversation and facilitates creativity away from the busyness of the daily to-do list


Company culture is a real buzz word, but it can be broken down. Aside from the nuts and bolts of a job, I think people need two things from their work:


- to feel appreciated and valued

- to have some sort of community.


Both of these are incredibly simple but also notoriously hard to achieve on a genuine level. One way of achieving this is through events. ​Too often company events are missed opportunities where not enough thought and attention is put into planning the event (despite good intentions) and it ends up being a last minute scramble. 



Whether it's a one-off event with a specific purpose, or a series of fortnightly lunchtime speakers, I have a wide range of experience organising events that have created priceless moments for teams, and had a positive impact on their culture.  


I have used events such as… 

- It’s A Knockout afternoon of inflatable fun 

- A ‘Breakfast in Bread’ bespoke breakfast 

- Chalk + Cheese life drawing evenings 

- A Mad Hatters dinner party 

- Lunch + a petting experience at a city farm

- Pedalo + Pimms summer party in the park 

- A team weekend away in Cornwall 

- A Yoga On The Strings evening

…to bring teams together in a fun and creative way. 


I pride myself on spending money efficiently, thinking slightly outside of the box and paying great attention to detail. 

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