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Tables At Home.


Are you keen to host an event at home, but don't want to have to think about any of the logistics of the gathering? Let me work with you to make the magic happen!

I have created the tables for birthday dinners, decorated houses for a Christmas party and a 40th birthday party, created a summer garden party, created a bridal shower lunch, decorated a marquee in the garden, created the flowers for a birthday weekend, amongst others!  

I can step in at whatever point you'd like me to. It's my happy place working with what you've got, and jumping in to make the magic happen!

can get involved ahead of the party, so we can coordinate on the event production pieces; timings, food, space design. If the vibe is that you cooked the meal, I can step in and cook for you.  Or we can get a chef in to champion the food. I can create the flowers, and make place card names for your guests. Then on the day, I can arrive and takeover your space, getting everything ready, so you can focus on being the host with the most!

I can also simply rock up on the evening, and take over the logistics piece from wherever you get to - so you can finish in time to glam yourself up and feel the part to host your guests! 


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